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Fuel dispenser are used in petroleum-retail service stations for filling lightweight oil including gasoline or diesel etc. We have taken up the production of fuel dispenser since1992. Among our gigantic business portfolio, oil transfer pumps were first put on our agenda and then mechanical fuel dispensers, electronic fuel dispenser in subsequence.

Our fuel dispensers have 3 series, namely, C series, D series and S series. All of the series share the same electronic system, which consists of flow meter, combination pump, auto nozzle etc. But C series is little in size and has a general outline with hoses from the middle. And D series contains jambs with stainless steel and hoses from the top. Then S series have a novel streamline outline and hoses from the top, which is bigger in size in comparison with the other ones.

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    g proof of filling station including awning mostly adopt lightningproof belt based on lightning condition of building and construction. It would be more economical. Metal pipe and line that connected indoors possibly generate spark and ignite vapor in some intervals of them as being attacked by direct lightning and lightning induction, resulting in explosion or fire. Thereby, this item of regulations is necessary. According to testing the burring length exceeding 50m at outdoors or 100m indoors or at least two grounding points with no more than 20 in lead pipe will largely reduce high electric potential indoors. Article II Wiring system The power load degree in filling station is Class III. Power supply adopts 380V/220V in station. Mini internal-combustion generator is adopted as power supply. Its exhaust pipe mounts exhausting fire-resistance device. Horizontal distance from exhaust pipe to each explosion area should comply with the stipulation: if exhaust outlet under 4.5m ground the distance no less than 5m; if high than 4.5m, the distance no less than 3m. Electric line in filling station should adopt cable and burry, using steel pipe as line through vehicle road. If there are many lines a cable tunnel is suggested to use, filling with sand, exclusive other pipes. Article III Earth wire and grounding system The steel tank used for storing Class A oil should mount static-proof grounding device. The lightning conductor similarly used for this function. fuel dispenser The starting and end point of delivery pipeline in tunnel or at ground should set static-proof and lightning induction device, grounding resistance no more than 30Ω. The vehicle tank discharge area in filling station should set static-proof grounding device, resistance no more than 100Ω. The design of static—proof grounding in forecourt should comply with the relevant stipulation of current national standard The Design and construction of forecourt. Article IV Vapor-Recovery system Along with the number of vehicle and filling stati fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

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